Quick jams with Christian Ralston


As we flop, salty faced and sandy footed, to the floor of Christian Ralston's apartment, Sydney is topping out at a whopping 47.3 degrees. Revived with a giant jar of ice water, a 'phat bomb' and a few friendly licks from his pup Lyra, we lightly grill Bondi's most chill yoga teacher and DJ.

Tune in below for the quick jam: 

  1. What is your first memory of food? "Having jelly for dessert. Eating red jelly with my family from a tiny but thick mason bowl. I still get a lot of comfort from eating out of heavy bowls." 

  2. Best meal you've had with friends – what and where? "Just recently at Fivelements in Bali. It was vegan, but super tasty and such high quality that it could turn anyone to eat like that all the time. After dinner a priest did a fire ceremony, chanting as we smashed a coconut that represented our ego and threw it into the flames."

  3. Something you cook for yourself? "I make ghee. I'm an expert at it. It's really high fat and I eat it straight, put it in protein shakes or salad dressing, or as a 'phat bomb' – on a piece of 85% chocolate with salt on top." 

  4. Something you’ve cooked for a lover? "A really delicious bone broth, and saffron rice with barberries, pistachio and mixed herbs from Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi." 
  5. How do you feel when you're in your flow? "Energised."    

  6. Top 3 yoga poses? "Handstand, splits, savasana."

  7. Favourite project to date: "Yoga Jam. I get to combine my love of yoga, house music and dancing. Having an idea and making the whole thing happen by myself is really cool. Also my myofascial release workshop 'Please Help My Hips’ because it really works." 

  8. Dream project: "The Yoga Jam Weekender – a project I'm doing with Saul and Amelia Smith from Soul Drummer. It's down south in the Govinda Valley in May and we'll spend the whole weekend doing yoga, drumming and African dance. When the music is pumping and loud the energy it conveys blow your head off."

  9. Tell us a song that gets you on the dance floor?  "Be_Sharp_Say_Nowt by Patrick Topper. It’s a banger."

  10. Desert island vegetable? "Broccoli."  

  11. Favourite place to travel and what do you eat when you get there? "France. Butter."

Dive into class with Christian at Sydney's BodyMindLife studios in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, and Potts Point or find out what he's up to here.