Dive in to hear what our guests really said about their Yoga Cucina adventure...


"Buona sera a tutti! What a pleasure to share a truly magical weekend with three gorgeous yogis, two incredible Italians and a group of people who love life, tantalising food and stretching in all directions. Thank you for sharing your passion." 


“OMG this is f**ing amazing! I loved sitting around the fire chatting in the afternoon, chilling and talking to people I wouldn't usually get to meet."


"I worked at 10 retreats this year, and after a while they can start to blend into one, but Yoga Cucina was like nothing I'd experienced before. I call the ladies the hostess('s) with the mostess('s) because the level of service was beyond! Their hospitality backgrounds shine through every thing that they do. From the seamless schedule (that didn't feel like a schedule at all), to the impeccable table service, their emotional support and of course the juicy, soul nourishing, heart opening, and expansive yoga classes." 


"From the technically strong, empathetic yoga teaching through to the ever-responsive hosting, and the restaurant quality food, the retreat was near flawless. I genuinely believe that it is possible embrace everything that yoga offers and still live a fun, spontaneous life. Thank you for providing such strong evidence in support of this view!" 


"Thank you so much for the best NYE ever! Four hours a day of yoga with posture corrections, the surprise inversion, wine tasting and intention setting workshops, the cooking – and the eating. Great!"


"Wish I could go back in time! Thank you for an absolutely stellar weekend. It was the perfect balance between exciting adventure and restorative, relaxing getaway. I’m feeling inspired to find more time on my mat and will cherish the memories for a long time to come. Also, the food was unreal!"


“This weekend was the perfect balance for me. The food was amazing, there were a great group of people, and I really enjoyed the yoga. There were so many thoughtful details that I felt like I had been invited to your home and lingered over a long weekend with family." 


"Invigorating yoga and abundant food – made with love! Villa Cucina has so much character and Bundanoon is such a great little village, a really convenient drive from Sydney and surrounded by beautiful bushland. " 


"Things you absolutely nailed? The feast on the first night goes on the top of my best meals ever. Marco and Luca made such incredible food, and the wine was perfectly paired and abundant!" 


"So juicy! I loved the family vibe, the open and relaxed attitude, and that everything felt seamless. Your hospitality and graciousness was unreal the whole way through." 


"From the moment the retreat started I felt warmly welcomed into the Yoga Cucina embrace. The dinner on the first night was a sensory delight, topped by us all having the opportunity to speak a few words about our experiences on and off the mat."


"I joined the retreat by myself, and was initially a little worried. The whole experience turned out to be very positive and welcoming, with fun activities and the chance to experience different yoga styles. The best part for me was the food, especially the desserts. I am not normally a sweet person, and those deserts completely wow me over. Good job. I would definitely recommend it for yogis and foodies".


"The weekend was just amazing! You guys are really onto something. PS. I've only stopped doing handstands in my office so I could reply to this email." 


"I loved the pasta making. I loved the yoga classes, which made me feel really balanced. I loved having you adjust my poses. I loved meeting and getting to know you all. I'm inspired to join class on a more regular basis."


"I feel like I came away from the weekend a little chubbier, a little dustier but incredibly relaxed and renewed. What a pleasure to be hosted by people I would gladly call friends."


"Thank you so much for one of the most special and memorable weekends ever! I was worried it might be hardcore yogis who plank in their sleep but everyone was so lovely. I loved the yoga classes, the pasta making and the bushwalk and meditation by the waterfall."