Rapid Fire with Noelle Connolly

Street smart, direct and side-achingly funny, we caught up with yoga teacher Noelle Connolly for a plate of sashimi and a glass of Chenin Blanc at her home away from home, Bondi's Best at the north end of Sydney's most iconic beach.

Tune in below for a chat on a mat with Noelle… 

  1. Where are we and what are we eating? "Bondi’s Best, my home away from home. Hiro makes the best sashimi."

  2. What is your first memory of food? "Peanut butter and jelly. We grew up on that. The non-sugary kind with oil on top that you had to stir a million times. We were always, “Dad, why can’t we just get Peter Pan like all the other kids?” It has all your food groups."  

  3. Best meal you've had with friends – what and where? "Canadian Thanksgiving – the very first time Marco cooked for us. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for."

  4. Something you’ve cooked for a lover? "I have a signature dish that my Mum taught me. I’ve made it for every guy I’ve ever dated. Tuna steak teriyaki with rice pilaf and asparagus. That’s my go-to." 

  5. How do you feel when you're in your flow? "Like a moving meditation. My mind stops. It becomes more settled. I don’t know what time it is. I could be going for 3, 4 hours and be like, "holy shit!"."    

  6. Top 3 yoga poses? "Downward Dog, Dolphin, Double Pigeon – in all their variations."

  7. Favourite project to date: "I'm really proud of my Super Sequencing training because it's helped teachers become better teachers." 

  8. Dream project: "I'm planning a 150 hour teacher training with Simon Park and some very special guests in the French Alps in 2018. Watch this space." 

  9. Tell us a song that gets you on the dance floor?  "Any good, old skool rap song."

  10. Desert island vegetable? "Edamame."  

  11. Favourite place to travel and what do you eat when you get there? "The Florida Keys. You hit a certain mile marker then go down, down, down into the ocean. No one's there. They have the best Conk Fritter in the world, rolled into a little ball and deep fried. You dip it in a remoulade sauce."

Dive into class with Noelle at Sydney's BodyMindLife studios in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, and Potts Point or find out what she's up to here.