I'm just here for the savasana


Savasana, the metaphorical death of the asana practice, looks a lot like adult nap time. Are we snoozing? Nope. We're awake and fully conscious, but completely relaxed. This incredibly powerful posture gives us the chance to rest our bodies and minds, letting the rasa of dynamic movement steep in. Fatigued muscles melt, the face becomes gentle, and the nervous system calms as we shift into a state of equanimity. 

Why do we love it? Savasana imbues the physical body with a sweet triple whammy of grounding, buoyancy and lightness. The mental state expands into clarity and creativity. 

The kicker: Sirens, bin trucks, dude next door practising his trumpet? Here's a dreamy lil' something by Solar Quest to soothe you into a state of deep relaxation.