What do you drink when you’re not drinking?


Over three hundred years ago, it was common for physicians to distil herbal remedies using copper stills, harnessing the power of nature and alchemy to solve medical maladies. In 1651, one such physician, John French, published The Art of Distillation documenting these non-alcoholic recipes. Centuries later, Seeplip’s Ben Branson stumbled across the recipes and began experimenting with them in his kitchen, using a small copper still & herbs from his garden to distill proper non-alcoholic drink option..

We love the Seedlip Garden 108 with sugar-free tonic or kombucha as our first refreshing drink of the night. The recipe below beats a sugary mocktail by a mile.



  • Seedlip Garden 108: 50ml

  • Top w/ Kombucha: 100ml

  • Rosemary spring and orange wedge to serve


Build Seedlip Garden 108 over ice in a rocks glass. Top with kombucha and garnish with a rosemary spring and orange wedge.