Stardust: Yoga Playlist


What am I playing in class? Stardust – a yoga soundscape with deep, slow beats featuring some of my favourite tracks from Phoria, Sampha and Ben Lukas Boysen. It ends with the dreamy LA5 from Moby's LongAmbients1 album which feels like a massage for your brain.

The compilation is inspired by my current fascination with the book Living With The Stars, by astrophysicist Karel Schrijver and Iris Schrijver, professor of pathology at Stanford University. It yokes together astrophysics and human biology, exploring the impermanence of the body and how we retain the imprint of cosmic explosions that happened billions of years ago. 

From Iris Schrijver: 

"Everything we are and everything in the universe and on Earth originated from stardust, and it continually floats through us even today. It directly connects us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and again over our lifetimes."

Cosmic wow.