Chat on a Mat with Tristan Grier


Tristan Grier is living the hospitality dream as partner in Harvest Newrybar, Sparrow Coffee and the newly opened Barrio in Byron Bay’s Habitat community development in the Arts and Industrial Estate. Deeply involved in the local community through his bush food regeneration and education programs and award winning venues, he gets off on finding common ground and sitting in that space with everyone.

We caught up with the Byron Bay local prior to our September adventure, Yoga Cucina Goes Barefoot...

How do you earn a crust?
As partner in Harvest Newrybar, Barrio and Sparrow Coffee.

Best part of what you do?
The people. Those who are our partners in business and the beautiful people we serve. I’m a relationships kind of guy. I really get off on finding common ground and sitting in that space with everyone.

How do you feel when you’re in your flow?
Hospitality is all about reading the needs, wants and desires of our guests. So for me, flow is about pre-empting those desires – then watching their faces when we knock it out of the park.

Favourite projects so far?
Our Buy One Get One Tree and Grow programs at Harvest. Buy One Get One Tree is a native Australian bush foods regeneration program. Our goal is to plant 50 000 native food trees on private and public land. Grow pairs with local primary schools through a three category curriculum of Eat, Grow and Gather.

Dream project?
Curating longer hospitality experiences that push into every facet of a guest’s stay, from food and beverage through to health, lifestyle and accommodation.

What drives you crazy?
People who don’t indicate at roundabouts. Just tell me what you’re doing so I can get on with my day.

Favourite yoga pose?
I’m always moving from downward dog to upward dog to keep my lower back loose.

Song that gets you on the dance floor?
Any old-school house.

Favourite place to travel?
Coastal Italy.

What do you eat when you get there?
Fresh simple seafood. They do simplicity really well.