The Chefs

Are all chefs crazy? Fuck yeah, proud to be! The adrenalin, the pace – it’s an addiction.
— Marco Gobbo

Marco Gobbo and Luca Faccin sharpened their knives in the Michelin star restaurants of northern Italy, at a time when chefs like Ferran Adrià, of the legendary el Bulli, were reconceptualising cuisine, bringing a radical, scientifically inflected creativity to bear on the process of cooking. They share a respect for ingredients, exactingly high standards, and a combative playfulness that cuts through the intense focus and Italian hip hop that reverberates through their kitchen. 

Bonding over a case of beer six years ago, the two retain the technique of fine dining but truly vibe on cooking for friends. Says Luca, “The first time we worked together I was a little scared. Have you ever jumped in the car with Marco? He goes nuts! I wondered, if he’s like this on the road what will he be like near an oven? But it’s like cooking with your brother – we put music on, have a cigarette, a glass of wine." 

When the food lands on the table and they see people eat? "You watch their faces, hear, “Oh my God, that’s good”. It’s all that matters.”

And their favourite food growing up? “Pizza”, says Marco, ”I can have it any time, any day of my life. Love it.” 

Come hungry.