Chat on a Mat with Rachael Coopes


Rachael Coopes is a Play School presenter, mother and yoga teacher but fundamentally, a story teller. She has written, directed and performed in film, television and theatre, shared the movement and philosophy of yoga with stressed out urbanites, and danced on stage for thousands of ecstatic toddlers. Passionate about connecting, she loves the conscious act of empowering people to find their joy.

We caught up with Rach over a masala dosa for a chat on a mat…

Best part of what you do?

I get to contemplate the really big things in life and figure out a way to turn them into stories. I’m never bored, forever curious and always learning.

How do you feel when you’re in your flow?

When I’m in my flow nothing feels hard. Creating, teaching, writing, hanging out with G is easy. I feel held by grace.

Favourite project so far?

I’m stepping into a phase where all the different things I love are coming together. The knowledge I’ve developed from many years teaching yoga and parenting have come together in my new prenatal yoga teacher training, and the kids yoga show I’m developing with my company Mini Productions. I’m moving into my love for storytelling and sharing how yoga philosophy and asana support every stage of life.

What drives you crazy?

Dogma of any kind.

Top yoga pose, what and why?

Navasana. Five years after having a baby I’m trying to get my core back, so anything that connects me to that space is humbling but satisfying. Energetically the core connects to manipura, the third chakra, and links to fear, courage, strength, self understanding and ego. Tiny amounts of progress slowly make huge shifts.

Song that gets you on the dance floor?

Anything bye Kanye, Beyoncé, Jay Z or Kendrick.

Favourite place to travel?


What do you eat when you get there?

All the croissants. And I drink all the rosé.

Favourite place to travel?


Favourite meal you’ve had with friends?

When I lived in Paris our apartment had a rooftop, a very rare and incredible asset. We had a constant stream of people come over with what ever they found at the market that day. I miss that a lot.

Anything you want to plug?

I’m teaching a chakra tuning workshop at BodyMindLife on January 19, 2019. We’ll investigate how to use the chakras as lenses through which we can examine the world.

Find out more about Rachael here.