Rome Hitlist! Our Top Picks


Blush pink and dripping vines, Rome curves from ancient laneway to grand piazza with a luscious fullness that sweeps you off your espadrilles. Recently returned from a trip to the eternal city, here are our top picks for a delicious day... 

First, the yoga: After chasing a mat-toting local breathlessly down the street we learned that Romans aren't really into yoga classes. Our favourite place to stretch out was the Giardino degli Aranci, or Garden of the Oranges built near the basilica of Santa Sabina by the Savelli family around 1285. Go early, before the heat and the tourists arrive.

Then, the coffee: There's coffee and then there's Sant' Eustachio Il Caffè. While we loved sipping espresso on the marble counters of countless tiny bars, watching swathes of elegant linen suits walk by Sant' Eustachio, while armed with a café and pistachio cornetto was truly delightful.

Wink at the Pope: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) worked briefly as a chemical technologist and nightclub bouncer before beginning seminary studies. Interesting start! Join him in the Vatican Square on Wednesday morning, or Sunday at noon for the Angelus prayer. (Or book in for a tour of the Vatican EARLY in the morning)

Take me to the river: Rome in summer is hot as the devils armpit BUT you can cool your weary soul with a swim at the luxe Parco Dei Principi. Set in a cool green garden overlooking the Villa Borghese, it's worth every euro. 

Spritz: Are pics of this iconic libation currently melting your instagram? Pfft. Take us back! We settled in to the early evening chaos of Bar Del Fico and were quickly joined by every man, woman, puppy and capoeira troop in the city. It was brilliant.  

Osteria delle Coppelle: Set in a little courtyard a short stroll from the Pantheon, you can come here for a lunch of fresh ricotta with honey and a few slices of prosciutto, or reserve a table outside for dinner and join the very cool late night party. Eat whatever they recommend, ask them about their back bar...

Just one more: Vaguely lost and a little bit cranky, our ears pricked at the sound of a potential house party in the lush green hills above Trastevere. We followed the beat to a rooftop full of locals lounging in the sun at Hotel Parrasio. Gets super fun and rowdy late on Friday/Saturday nights.