Tasmania Itinerary


Tasmania Itinerary 

Tasmania palms a heart-shaped stamp right into the centre of our chests. It's fierce natural beauty invokes a feeling of freedom, warmed by the generous spirit of the people who call it home. For us, this ancient island is a place of family and celebration, of crisp air, earthy produce, best mates and new friends gathered around a table. 

Our adventure begins at the historic Ratho Farm, in the Clyde River Valley. Established by Scottish settlers in 1822, Ratho is a working sheep and cattle farm that boasts Australia's oldest golf course and acts as a base for fly-fishing expeditions. It's been ransacked by bushrangers, housed exiled Irish nationalists, produced Melbourne Cup winners and golfing royalty. 

Over the four days of our stay we'll wave through long, powerful yoga practices, sink our teeth into beautiful food, quaff local whiskies and wine, explore the subversive art of MONA – and still have time to get wet in the river, cosy up to a lamb and search for the resident platypus. We can't wait to share it with you.

Here's what we have in store:


1pm Jump on board our convoy from Hobart Airport for the trip to Ratho Farm. 

3pm Unpack your bags in the convict cottages, stables, cookhouse or bakery – all lovingly restored into boutique rooms.

4pm Muladhara chakra sits at the base of the spine, a stabilising force that connects us to our roots. Dig your feet into the earth in a grounding yoga practice with Aly. 

7pm Freshen up for aperitivo followed by a delicious feast, carved and charred from local farms and paired with matching wines.  


7am Wake up Tea/Coffee

8am Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra, harnesses the power of water and floats us high on waves of pleasure. Dive in with a fluid yoga practice with Rebecca.

10.30am Rinse off before you muscle up to the table for a bountiful brunch.

12pm Grab your cossie and towel, comfy clothes and sneakers for a road trip to the east coast.

5pm Manipura is the chakra of fire, the bright spark of inner power and assertiveness, of will and determination. Light up in a red hot yoga practice with Claire. 

8pm Elbows on the table for a relaxed, family-style dinner.

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2018

7am Wake up Tea/Coffee

8am Anahata, the unstruck, is held within the space of the heart, pulsing with the element of air. Unite spirit and matter in a breezy yoga practice with Aly.   

11am Drift down from the clouds and refresh the physical vessel with a big ol' brunch.

12pm Descend into the subversive adult Disneyland that is Mona – brazillionare David Walsh's infamous Museum of Old & New – before a quaffing at state-of-the-art winery Moorilla, that will lead us on to dinner at Ti Ama.


7am Wake up Tea/Coffee

8am Visuddha hums with the vibration of sound, the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits and receives communication. Express yourself in an expansive yoga practice with Rebecca.

11am Keep the vibe high. Meet us at the table for brunch.

2pm Like any Italian bambino worth his Salina di Cervia (translation: noun – fancy sea salt), Marco and Luca grew up rolling dough with la famiglia. Scrub your nails and roll up your sleeves for a hands-on cooking class, followed by a Q&A with our chefs. 

3pm Afternoon tea time, Italiano style. 

4pm Ajna chakra sits at the center of the brow, and is often referred to as the third eye. The element of this chakra is light, which gifts us with the power of sight – both externally and internally. Flip your vision as you explore things upside down in a workshop with Claire.    

7pm Antipasto & aperitivo! To whet your palate before we move to the table for our final dinner together.  

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2018

7am Wake up Tea/Coffee

8am Sahasrara chakra sits at the crown of the head, a thousand petalled lotus that dances with the element of ether. Journey into your divine intelligence, the source of all manifestation in a liberating yoga practice with Rebecca.

10am Bodies rinsed, bags packed and back to the convoy for the return to Hobart airport.

The itinerary may vary slightly. Grazie mille!