Chat on a Mat: Aly Clarke


Yoga teacher, writer and designer, Aly Clarke is up before dawn to lead sun salutes and back home at her desk before the early morning rush hour – unless distracted by Italian pastries along the way. She loves the connections that form in a room of sweaty yogis, as much as she relishes time alone to read, play and create.  

Tune in below for a chat on a mat with Aly… 

  1. First memory of food? Sharing a lemon from the tree in our backyard with my Grandma. 
  2. Top 3 desert island yoga poses? Anjaneyasana, skandasana, pincha.
  3. Best meal you've had with friends - what and where? Dinner at home. A whole baked trout stuffed with herbs. It was so good. I surprised myself!
  4. Favourite places to dine solo? Fratelli Paradiso for early morning pastries or glass of natural wine and calamari for lunch. The grilled salmon at Bondi's Best for dinner. Luna Apothecary in Surry Hills feeds my skin/soul.
  5. Something you’ve cooked for a lover? Black tea and oranges. Does that count? 
  6. What does it feel like when you're in your flow? Total absorption. 
  7. How do you kick yourself out of a flat spot? Move my body. Or move house. I do that a lot.
  8. Dream project? Yoga Cucina NYE 2017! Villa Cucina is lush and I can't wait for the wine tasting session with Claire's Dad, John Blackwood. He's a legend. 
  9. Song that gets you on the dance floor? The Seed, The Roots. 
  10. Favourite place to travel? And what do you eat when you get there? Marrakesh. B’Stilla (pigeon and almond pie in golden pastry) and fat green olives.