Chat on a Mat: Claire Blackwood

Claire Blackwood pocketed her waiter’s friend and left her Tassie home for a job at Sydney's iconic Icebergs. She's walked the floors of some of the city's finest dining rooms but these days she's happier on her yoga mat, catching air between her toes. Her practice and classes consistently press against the realms of possibility, playfulness allowed to dance on the structure of tenacious discipline. 

Tune in below for a chat on a mat with Claire… 

  1. First memory of food? Convincing my Mum to bake a cake, with sprinkles on it, for my Teddy’s 1st birthday. I was 3. 
  2. Top 3 desert island yoga poses? Handstand, dolphin, extended side angle.
  3. Best meal you've had with friends - what and where? Tetsuya’s on my Dad’s 60th birthday. It was my first degustation with matching wines, and my first true fine dining experience.
  4. Favourite place to eat solo? At home. 
  5. Something you’ve cooked for a lover? Chicken fried rice. 
  6. What does it feel like when you're in your flow? Balanced, effortless, fun. 
  7. How do you kick yourself out of a flat spot? Yoga. Coffee. Wine.
  8. Dream project? Yoga Cucina Italy 2018!
  9. Song that gets you on the dance floor? Hot In Herre by Nelly.
  10. Favourite place to travel? What do you eat when you get there? Vietnam. Banh Xeo, a crispy Vietnamese pancake.