Chat on a Mat: Luca Faccin

Luca travels rough and ready, a 5 kilo backpack and he’s good to go. We caught him in downtown Tokyo, where he’s roaming free and easy, with plans to finish his tattoo, hone his knife sharpening skills and dive into the best takoyaki and sashimi this beautiful country can offer.

Tune in below for a chat on a mat with Luca… 

  1. What is your first memory of food? "My grandmother's roast rabbit and rosemary. Simple but delicious." 

  2. Best meal you've had with friends – what and where? "Without doubts – the dego and matching wine at Lumi Dining in Pyrmont, celebrating getting my Permanent Residency. But that said, you can have the best meal of your life anywhere as long you are with your besties. Give me some cured meat, a few slices of cheese and a glass of red wine during a session with my pagliacci and there it meal ever!"

  3. Favourite place to eat alone? "A cosy little Japanese restaurant. Two bites of sushi and a sake and la pace dei sensi is with you." 

  4. What would cook for a lover? "Anything for my special one."

  5. How do you find a sense of flow? "Exercising at the gym. It's the best release valve for stress. Pumping music on my headphones, pushing as hard as I can."    

  6. Dream project? "A year tour, travelling around the world." 

  7. Top 3 yoga poses? "Handstand (one day I may be able to do it properly), Warrior 2 and Eagle pose."

  8. Tell us a song that gets you on the dance floor? "You really want to know it?! Let's meet up on the dance floor."

  9. Desert island vegetable? What and why? "Potatoes. Easy and versatile. They give you energy and can be cooked in many different and delicious ways."  

  10. Favourite place to travel and what do you eat when you get there? "I love travelling so this is a hard one, but I'd say Mexico. Very well executed fish tacos with thousands of different sauces."